Faith over Fear Friday – Dr. Joyce Bellamy


May 29, 2020


Recently I had the privilege of photographing a good friend and client of mine in her new office space. This is not any space though, it is an entire DREAM come true!

For years, Joyce Bellamy has known that she wanted to open up her own dental practice and now, after many obstacles, it’s a reality. On Monday, June 1, Say Ahh Family and Cosmetic Dentistry will open it’s doors. I’m soooo excited for my girl Joyce!! 

Here’s Joyce’s story:

  1. What were some obstacles that you’ve faced along the way to your dream? What specific obstacle can you share and how did you get past it?

“Buying a practice is like buying a house. You get excited about some options that are presented to you, you get close to procuring what you’re looking for, and then something falls through. That happened a couple times on the way to finding our current location.

But everything happens in God’s time and for His purpose. What I had to do was continue to manage my mind and trust the Lord’s leading; not looking at every disappointment as derailing, but an opportunity to choose to trust that God was leading me to the right location. And He did. But in His time.”

    2. I know that Covid-19 threw a lot of things into uncertainty. What were some of your fears? How were you able to exercise faith over fear and keep pushing toward your goal?

“Yes, COVID-19 was definitely a wrench in the plans. Initially the plan was to open our office literally within the few days that President Trump announced that we had to shut everything down. It was shocking! But one thing that lessened the blow was the ability to enjoy my family. That was an intangible experience. And I know those are also moments that will hardly have regularly now that the offices in full swing.  It was as if God was giving us that time for two months to rest, replenish, and recuperate for the journey ahead.”

      3. Girl, Your office is absolutely stunning and it is set up to give clients an elevated dental experience. Who did the design and what should patients expect when they come to Say Ahh?

“Thank you! The design was constructed by my brother MARC NIXON COUTURE~Events and Design. He is absolutely phenomenal at whatever he puts his hand to, and I highly recommend him for any events, interior decorating, weddings, business parties, graduation parties, catering… You name it, he is who you want to hire!

Say Ahh! Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is focused on the most advanced dental technology in a comfortable and luxurious environment. We will offer advanced adult services such as implants, periodontal therapies and Invisalign, to basic dental services such as root canals, same-day crowns, bridges and veneers. I love working with pediatric patients as well, and believe in creating a calming atmosphere in the dental care experience of children, and adults alike. We are currently accepting new patients!”

3. For someone who has a dream that is bigger than them and they are afraid to go for it, what would your encouragement be?

“Do it afraid!”

Know that having patience with yourself and with the process will be a requirement for longevity. Many decisions will fall into your lap, and ultimately you will need to let peace be your umpire (like in baseball).

If what you envision or what you want to do is in line with the word of God, and you are at complete peace with it, then consider it “safe” to pursue. Even if your dream does not manifest in the time that you’re looking for, trust, that if it is the will of God concerning you, it will manifest if you are willing to put in the work.

If it does not give you peace, even though you may really want it to happen, then stop so you don’t continue to attach yourself to the process, making it more difficult to walk away from.”

4. Anything else that you want to share?

“The timing just couldn’t have been more Divine. I had to wait and go through all the other disappointments and setbacks along the way just so that God could stall me to secure my blessing.

It happens like that in life. I feel like we’re all moving puzzle pieces in God’s grand schematic and one person’s blessing puts another person in line for their blessing. Sometimes he has to move people, things and timing around in order for us to walk into our new season.

I was fortunate to work with a firm that handles commercial properties. My particular realtor specializes in medical and dental transitions. He was so excellent, that he found our office before it even made it on the market! Talk about a blessing being yours!

The office that we are in was an orthodontic office first. After being at this location for years, the orthodontist moved to his new location; his new season and his new blessing. Do you see how God moves everyone around when he blesses? He often doesn’t just bless one.

When I consider all that I went through to get into this location, and all of the blessings surrounding the acquisition of this location, it really put me in a frame of mind where, yes, COVID-19 was a setback, but it was not a major storm. By the time COVID-19 shut the world down, I had experienced the move of God too many times to be perplexed. I looked at the shut-down as a forced vacation that I would possibly never have again, and a time to reset and recharge for the new challenges ahead.

Let me end by encouraging every dreamer, businessman or woman, musician, and visionary – If you have a dream that you know God has put on your heart, trust, that if God ordains it, He will maintain it!”

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