Rest Well Pastor Seay


June 24, 2020

About 2 years ago, I had the privilege of photographing George Russell Seay, Jr.

I remember growing up in Nashville with his children, “Georgie,” April and Hammond, as “pastor’s kids.”

While a teenager, I have memories of seeing Pastor and Mrs. Seay cuddling on the Oakwood University track as they watched their children participate in the Campmeeting Olympics. (I thought that was soo cute) 😍

I also remember when he came to my studio for his pastoral portrait, we were trying to get a genuine, relaxed smile.
After trying all my techniques, I asked him to mentally escape the moment and think about traveling to a beautiful destination. Suddenly, he began to relax…and let out a chuckle, forgetting my camera was there.

Although he didn’t tell me what destination he was thinking of, I’d like to think that maybe he was thinking of Heaven.

And the thought of heaven, if just for a moment, made him forget about his troubles, stress and sickness, bringing a smile from his soul at the thought of his Heavenly home.

I’ll be honest, sometimes the heartache of this world can make it hard to smile some days, but when I think about Heaven and the fact that God has a crown waiting for us, I can’t help but let out a big grin too!

Thankful for the opportunity to know and capture these last portraits of Pastor Seay.

Tara Lynn Seay, George, April and Hammond, you have my prayers! ❤

Rest well, Pastor!


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