Steve Harvey invites my viral couple to appear on “Steve”


March 16, 2020

Truth is, from the beginning of all of this, they kept saying they wanted to go on a daytime talk show – “Steve” or “Ellen,” they really weren’t picky…

In fact, it was something that Murphy and Lucinda Wilson, the senior citizen couple whose photos went viral in June 2017, and I, their photographer, joked about frequently. We dreamed of the day that they’d be able to share their incredible love story as well as their pictures, on a national stage.

Check out the rest of their viral engagement photos and their incredible love story here.

But once the viral hype dissolved in the fall of 2017, we silently wondered how the door would open.

And then, seemingly out of nowhere, in early December 2018, I got a notification on my phone:

WHAT?! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I had to look again to make sure I saw it correctly. Yes, the “Steve” show wanted to get Murphy and Lucinda on the phone to discuss an appearance!!!!!

I was sooo excited, but I had to maintain my composure because I was in the middle of covering a birthday party. After several deep breaths, I replied to the message and after leaving the event, I called my clients-turned-family, Murphy and Lucinda.

They were so excited. A few hours later as they were cozy on their couch, they had a pre-interview that night with one of the show’s associate producers. And they nailed it! They were charming and funny as always!

Danita, Murphy’s youngest daughter and I were there the whole time, excitedly listening to them talk about how they met, their whirlwind engagement and beautiful wedding.

Before hanging up, the producer said we’d hear back within the next couple days. We sat around in awe for awhile, excited about the prospect of them going on the show. That next day dragged by sooo slowly. Tuesday did too, and by Wednesday, we hadn’t heard back. 

After a month went by, I honestly began to wonder if the show would happen, but reflecting on they way they had relayed their amazing story, I was still holding out hope that there would be a slot for them soon.

Finally, on Thursday, January 17, I got another notification on my phone. 

This time, I let out a scream in the middle of the cereal aisle in Publix! I couldn’t believe it! With shaky hands, I called Murphy and Lucinda and relayed the message to them. 

“Gianna, are you JOKING?” Murphy asked. “You know my heart can’t take this if you are.” Meanwhile Lucinda was excitedly wondering what she would wear and how she would style her hair when she met Steve Harvey, lol!

After several attempts to convince them that this was real, I hurried them off the phone and told them to expect a call. That call came and by the following Wednesday, Murphy, Lucinda, Danita and myself were on our way to Los Angeles to attend the taping of “Steve.”

Although Murphy and Lucinda admitted they were nervous to Steve, when they first sat down on his couch, they said that he responded that he would “take good care of them.” And a calm came over them. As you can see, there was no evidence of nervousness!

It was a surreal moment to see my images up there on the big screen at the Steve Show!

Next they did a segment where they answered questions from two couples in the audience:

On February 5, the show aired! There was excitement in the air among many that know and love Murphy and Lucinda as they watched them so effortlessly tell their story! It was an incredible day and I was excited and honored to have my work featured on the “Steve” show. We had no idea when this would actually happen, but sooo grateful that it finally did! It was day none of us will soon forget!

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