Tasheria & Stephen


July 28, 2017

About 3 weeks ago I met a special couple, Stephen & Tasheria, in downtown Huntsville, AL to help them celebrate an exciting new chapter in their lives! On a side street in front of a church, the same location where their engagement photos were done nearly three years ago, they wanted to come back and add to the story.

Since we happen to be friends so I was elated and honored to be asked to do these images for them. Although their immediate family members know the good news, most people are unaware that they are expecting their first child, a boy! So these images are the official announcement.

From the moment we started planning, I knew that this was going to be an amazing photo session! They had so many wonderful ideas and we collaborated on how to bring the vision to life. When they showed up that evening, they looked like a celebrity couple with every detail on point! Yesss shoes!!!! Loved her choice of shoe and they color-coordinated perfectly! Many passers-by remarked on how amazing they looked and I remember one person asking for their autograph! 🙂 

They wanted to portray the concept of “securing the bag.” They found the perfect man-approved baby bag for Stephen to carry while Tasheria looked pretty with her growing bump! 

This sweet couple made me reflect on all the joy and excitement that comes with this amazing feeling of life growing inside! I wish them all the best and look forward to capturing more memories for them.

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